Quick ShutDown

Quick ShutDown 2.6

You can shutdown, restart, log-off, stand by, hibernate, and lock your computer
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Quick ShutDown is a small but useful power management application that allows you to perform seven actions: shutdown, restart, log-off, stand by, hibernate, lock your computer, or eject any drive. When any of these instructions is executed, Windows queries all the opened applications and terminates them. If a given application doesn't respond, the instruction won't be completed. Quick ShutDown has a useful feature that allows you to force any active application to terminate when an instruction is performed without having to wait until the program closes by itself. The program can be operated in three different ways: First, you can assign any of the mentioned actions to the system tray icon, so when you click on it your computer will shutdown, restart, etc. - you can set up one click or double click to perform an action. Second, in the "Options" window you can set a combination of hot keys for each task - the "Options" window can be accessed by pressing the mouse right-click on the system tray icon. Third, you can operate the program from the command line interface, and the instructions shutdown, restart, etc., are taken as attributes.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It can be used from the command line interface
  • It allows you to force to shutdown opened applications


  • It doesn't have a task scheduler to schedule the computer any task
  • It doesn't include remote shutdown
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